Case Study 
Client X – B2B Tech

“It has completely changed our business. We now wouldn’t trust anyone else to manage our Google AdWords campaigns.”

Mark, Managing Director, Etail Fulfilment Services

The cost-per-lead dropped from £1,000 to £150

The volume of conversions tripled within 3 months

The avg. CPC dropped by 70% to £1.44

Clicks to the company’s website increased by over 500%



The client is a well-established software-as-a-service company based in Yorkshire. They were running their PPC campaigns in-house but, without the proper training and support, they’d been struggling with their Google Ads performance for over 12 months.

Their average cost-per-click (CPC) could be as high as nearly £8 per click, which was causing cost to spiral out of control. Despite spending thousands of pounds per month on Google, enquiries were at an all-time low. Their cost-per-lead (CPL) was often over £1,000, which wasn’t sustainable.


It was clear that their Google Ads campaigns were not running efficiently. My approach was to conduct an in-depth account audit to identify what was going wrong, and outline the steps I’d take to fix it. The audit concluded that the campaigns had not been set up properly to begin with, so the client commissioned me to do a full campaign restructure. The restructure made the PPC campaigns so much more efficient, that the client was able to spend less money, while getting a far higher volume of clicks and sales enquiries.

The numbers

Following the work I did the numbers achieved speak for themselves and the client was increadibly happy with the results.

Many companies are wasting money on inefficient PPC campaigns. So, give me a call today to see how I can improve the performance of your Google Ads activity.

  • Clicks to the website +500%
  • Conversions +300%
  • CPC -70%

Cost Per Lead


Traffic increase

Conversion increase

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